About Us

About Us

Ummeed International Welfare Trust (UIWT) was founded in 2012 by Shahnaz Bhatti.

Shahnaz understood the importance of awareness and knowledge and wanted to share this, through experts, with those who have not had the opportunity.

In 2012, Shahnaz visited Pakistan with a senior healthcare professional and set up camps in Gujarat, Islamabad and Rawalpindi and gave free health checks, along with spreading awareness about breast cancer. She then took the healthcare professional to girls schools and colleges, to teach them what signs to look out for, how to check themselves and it was explained on how to pass this knowledge on to others. Through this charity, it has become clear to Shahnaz that there is a great lack of awareness amongst many women all over the world, but especially in under-developed countries.

Ummeed means hope in urdu, and it is Shahnaz’s hope that women all over the world, regardless of backgrounds, will all possess the knowledge about breast cancer, in turn detecting this disease early so that treatment can be sought.